Books and Articles

Gary Porter has written or co-authored the following books and articles


  • PPC's Guide to Homeowners Associations and Other Common Interest Realty Associations (Updated annually, currently in 28th edition)
  • PPC's Homeowners Association Tax Library (Updated bi-annually, currently in 17th edition)
  • Reserve Study Manual (1987)  (Out of print)
  • Reserve Studies - The Complete Guide (2016)


The Practical Accountant - Tax Planning for residential Homeowners Associations

Common Ground - a publication of CAI

  • AICPA Issues CIRA Guide
  • The Lowest Bid is Not Always the Best Buy
  • Going by the Book
  • A Day in the Life of Chuck Miller

The Ledger Quarterly - a publication of CAI

            More than 100 articles published 1989 - 2004

Dozens of articles published on line since 2011.

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Mr. Porter has also been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, and Kiplinger's Personal Finance, and has been published in major newspapers nationwide.

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