Audit, Review, and Compilation Services

We offer financial statement services to meet the needs of every association.  Our experience and nationally recognized expertise with a wide variety of associations provides us with the background to work with virtually any type of association.  Our experience translates into efficiency that allows us to maintain competitive fees, plus provide our clients with unparalleled guidance and advice.

Audit Services - In this highest level of service, the CPA performs an examination of the financial statements, and issues a positive statement as to their compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Extensive procedures are performed. This level of service requires more extensive industry knowledge by the CPA, and that the CPA is independent with respect to the association.

Review Services - The CPA performs limited procedures, consisting primarily of inquiries and analytical procedures; and provides negative assurance to the Association that financial statements are properly prepared in accordance with GAAP. This level of service requires familiarity with the industry by the CPA and that the CPA is independent with respect to the association.

Compilation Services - In the lowest level of service, the CPA compiles information in the form of financial statements. Such information is specifically the representation of management of the association.     The CPA takes little responsibility for these statements, is required to perform very few procedures, and gives no assurance as to compliance with GAAP. The CPA is not required to be independent of the association, but must disclose if he or she is not independent.

Our firm is noted for being able to provide quality services at competitive fees.  We are able to do this because of the efficiency we have gained over time.  Our efficiency stems from three points:

  1. Experience gained on working with many different types of associations over the last 30 years, and experience in working with many different accounting systems.
  2. Our internal development of standardized procedures and programming to allow us to work very efficiently in a completely electronic environment.  The savings of this efficiency is passed along to our clients, keeping our fees at a very competitive level.
  3. Stable staff -  no "on-the-job" training because they already have the experience.

Another unique capability in today's ever-increasing electronic environment is our ability to audit "through the computer" using sophisticated data extraction software.  This allows us to access and use your computer transactions without disturbing your underlying data. The extracted data can be analyzed and manipulated to generate information that you are unable to retrieve from your own system. This makes us more efficient in our audit procedures, as we can test vast amounts of data in a relatively brief period of time.